I have taught many different aspects of music to many different people in many different places. Although I am qualified to teach all different genres, I have chosen to specialize in teaching the violin, my major instrument. I focus on developing musical and technical expertise through the study and interpretation of Classical literature. I enjoy teaching music because I feel that my growth as a professional musician increases as my understanding of music and my ability to convey this knowledge increases. In other words, the more I know, the more I want to teach and vice versa.

Also, I feel that the significance and study of the Arts in the United Stated is sorely deficient, and it is our responsibility, as a culture, to promote and develop the creative and artistic “outputs” of our society. More specifically, if as a musician and teacher I can help create more pleasurable experiences through music, then more people may “care” about music in their everyday lives.

"We first met Carole at the annual recital of her advanced students. Each student gave literally a jaw-dropping performance. After the recital, I approached one of her graduating high school seniors. The student I approached had studied with Carole for over eight years and told me that Carole was the best teacher she’d ever had in any subject in all of her years of schooling. That was enough to convince me that Carole was the right teacher for us, and it has been true for my daughter as well." Annette Achermann

"Carole is a gifted teacher. She knows how to motivate, encourage and challenge all ages across a wide variety of temperaments and personalities. The combination of individual and group lessons has significant benefits such as developing ear training and ensemble playing. Through periodic solo performances, Carole's students easily develop the confidence to be poised performers. While my daughters have certainly grown as musicians under Carole's tutelage, they have become more focused and self - assured individuals -- the benefits of studying under Carole Mayedo truly run deep and are rich!" Maria Rugani

"Carole Poem. Carole is so nice. She is very precious. She is a great attraction when she plays the violin. You'll like her when you meet her, she is a great teacher. The way her violin sings and all the people it brings and as her three beautiful rings. like a bird in the sky, flying oh so very high. She loves puppies and collects many rubber duckies. Thank you for being such a great teacher Carole!" Olivia

"Teacher Carole is a gifted teacher and mentor that has embraced our children with the sparkle of Mary Poppins weaved in with the strict code of a seasoned award-winning professional. Her intuitive eye extraordinarily captures every nuance of our child's violin playing as she crafts their fingers, bow arm, or position to help them produce a beautiful sound. Her conservatory-trained knowledge has really surpassed my expectations for our children. Not only do they enjoy the Suzuki method as a learning model, however, Teacher Carole's methodology creates musicians able to perform solos and join a symphony. Her studio is a delight on weekends, when parents meet for group lessons. Here, my children learn to perform in front of audiences, develop technique skills, and enjoy other musicians. I cannot thank teacher Carole enough, we are immensely grateful." Dr. Waldo and Rosie Concepcion